Juice List


Bottle Pricing:

10ml – $6 or 2 for $10

30ml – $15

50ml – $20

100ml – $40

Regular Flavors:

6 Shot – refreshing cool pomegranate and citrus

Gimmie – rich blueberry cake

Confection – a nutty waffle with a creamy exhale

Crumbs – sugar cookie betta than yo mama’s

Limbo – a sweet cherry limeade

Love Bites – crisp pear with creamy coconut

Maliboobie – tropical beach drink, serve w/umbrella

Ranger – robust but sweet tobacco flavor

Rockit – mashup of super fruits

Troubadour – rich nutty caramelized Cuban tobacco

Mushmelon – ripe summertime melon

O M G – deliciously rich caramel cheesecake

Otter – super cool strawberry watermelon

Peachin’ – literally like biting into a juicy peach

Penanners – like it sounds, peanut butter banana

Rhino – refreshing cool melon and sweet candy

Streaker – shockingly cool peppermint

Zuke Juice – lingering lemon puff pastry

Ends – the creamy end of a tigers blood snow cone

Your Mom – honeydew delight

Boogaloo – blue raspberry frost

Anaconda – mango punch

Crimson – creamy berry banana batter

Shiznit – energy drink 

Bedrock – fruity flakes cereal

Candy Dropper – watermelon hard candy

Sharknado – jawbreaker

Quickie – strawberry milk

Snowflakes – sugar flakes cereal with milk

Rush- “Surge” straight outta the can

Babycakes- Strawberry vanilla cupcake

Cream of the Crop – strawberries and creamy cream

Pounder – banana pound cake

Shocker – thick chocolate milk from the jug

Grumpy Cake – cinnamon sugar coffee cake

Pucked Up – sour blue raspberry

Headbanger – pineapple citrus punch

Blu Goo – black currant vanilla

Axe Handle – peach dragonfruit combo w/ a fruit medley background

Zebra – fruit stripe gum

White Grape – intensely smooth white grape

Rutter Bum – butter rum

Pinada – pina colada smoothie

Grinder – caramel macchiato

El Chapo – cinnamon crunch cereal with milk

Fluffy Muff – vanilla butterscotch cake batter

Rick Ross – juicy pear strawberry candy

Nae Nae – arkansas pineapple whip

Monkey Juice – banana coconut custard

Monroe – ever-changing mystery fruit

Dozer – caramel coconut tobacco

Grapple – green apple blow sucker

Magpie – blackberry cobbler

Red Devil – cinnamon watermelon

Arctic – super cool menthol burst

Shortpound – strawberry pound cake

Blue Waffle – blueberry waffle

Streezcake – strawberry cheesecake

Bee’s Knees – honeycomb cereal

Ocho – strawberry lime margarita

Bear Claw – apple fritter

Banana Supreme – banana pudding

Premium Flavors:

Applebottom – the apple pie

Baby Momma – thick rich straight up custard

Lickety – sticky cinnamon pastry dough

Marmaduke – southern strawberry shortcake

Vicious – complex caramel, butterscotch and maple

Pombar – pomegranate and blueberry

Rude Dog – butterscotch and peanut butter pie

Rainbow – a rainbow sherbet melted on a custard

Mustard Gas – glazed donut

Stud Muffin – breakfast muffin with benefits

A-State Vape:

Skids – fruit candy bites

Throttle – an energizing mixture of 7 tropical fruits

Torque – strawberry frost

Pavement – kiwi fruit with mellow notes of marshmallow

Burnout – peanut butter crunch candy bar

Softail – sweet rich cream with mild fruit undertones

Dirty Deed – peanut butter. peanut butter. peanut butter.

Velcro – vanilla orange creamsicle

Kevlar – grape mtn drink

Cruiser – smooth pomegranate lemonade

BYOK – rich, smooth tobacco with nutty semi-sweet notes of caramel and vanilla

Outlaw – kick ash black honey tobacco

Capt Hook – peanut butter crunch cereal

Rage – blueberry, blackberry, strawberry

Cherry Popper – cherry blow sucker

Kraken – honeydew strawberry fusion

Gunslinger – earthy caramel vanilla tobacco

Gator – cucumber lime sportsade

 White room Juices:

Suga Nana Bear – Banana teddybear graham

Princess Juice – Caramel ice cream

Lemon Pound cake – Rich and sweet

SugaBear – Teddybear grahams

AppleJax – Applejax cereal and milk

Melonballs – Tropical papaya and melons

Smartass – A powdered candy that bites back

1911- Tastes just like Mountain Drink

Deer Juice- Apples on top of apples; take to the deer woods (IT WORKS!)