Drippers Vape Shop – Hot Springs

Drippers Vape Shop’s third location in Hot Springs will be open soon! We are proud and honored to soon be serving our customers in historic Hot Springs, AR. Located at 913 Malvern Ave, this new location boasts being closest to downtown Hot Springs, without the headache of downtown parking! Our grand opening party is set for July 29th, so check out our facebook page for more updates.

Drippers Hot Springs

Drippers Second Location Coming Soon!

More details will be released as we approach opening our second location in Central Arkansas in early November 2016.  We are very grateful to our customers in Central Arkansas for showing such huge support for our store in Greenbrier.  We heard your requests for another shop with easier access, and we are excited to announce this new adventure!

new location coming soon

7 Days of New Flavors

Our 7 Days of New Flavors (one released each day) has run its course. All 7 new flavors are now a part of our normal flavor menu, so check them out!

Kraken – honeydew strawberry fusion

Grinder – caramel macchiato

El Chapo – cinnamon toast crunch with milk

Fluffy Muff – vanilla butterscotch cake batter

Rick Ross – juicy pear strawberry candy

Nae Nae – arkansas pineapple whip

Monkey Juice – banana coconut custard

Dripper-Mobile Vapes Out Greenbrier

The Dripper-mobile, as it has come to be known, is turning heads in Greenbrier. The 1972 Buick LeSabre belonged to Drippers Vape Shop owner Scout Stubb’s great grandmother before it was turned into a batmobile look-alike that drives around the small town.

The fins, not original to the ’72 Buick, were fashioned by Scout’s dad and friend Ross, welded on, and lit up from inside. The fog machine in the back blows the same vapor cloud that many of Drippers Vape Shop’s customers already exhale, just on a larger scale.
“We plan on driving around town and handing out vape pens and samplers to people at smoker’s poles and encouraging them to pick up a much healthier habit that could one day save their life,” says owner Eric Stubbs. The car has certainly brought a lot of attention parked in front of their store located right next to Wagon Wheel already.
“I’m too pregnant and hot to be driving around in a non-air conditioned car, but we are working on putting in a new A/C and a more modern stereo,” says Scout Stubbs.